In deer hunting, we have 3 top tips for finding bucks that you can benefit from!

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Camera Gear List:

  • Go Pro
  • Go Pro Housing
  • Go Pro Tripod
  • GoPro Microphone
  • Camera Light
  • Sony 10-18mm Lens
  • Main Video Camera
  • Greg’s sick SLR Camera
  • Greg’s sick SLR Lens
  • Smaller HD Video Camera
  • Sony Wireless Microphone
  • Shotgun Microphone
  • Fluid Tripod Head
  • Lens Controller

Remember to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Patreon for more hunting tips and updates. Hey there! Have you been wanting to up your deer hunting game and improve your chances of finding bucks? Well, look no further because we’ve got an amazing video for you titled “Deer Hunting – 3 Tips for Finding Bucks” by The Hunting Public. In this video, you’ll discover three crucial tips on finding and hunting bucks that will surely increase your chances of success.

One of the tips mentioned is about finding overlooked spots. The Hunting Public highlights the importance of exploring small areas that often go unnoticed but have significant deer sign and the potential for bucks. Another essential tip revolves around finding habitat diversity, such as pine thickets, waterways, hardwood timber, and clear cuts. This diversity creates ideal hunting spots as they attract deer. Lastly, they emphasize the importance of being mobile and moving to different locations to avoid hunting pressure and stay on the deer. With these three valuable tips, you’ll be on your way to improving your buck hunting skills and having a successful hunting season. Happy hunting!

Deer Hunting - 3 Tips for Finding Bucks

Tip 1: Finding Overlooked Spots

Discovering Small Areas Initially Overlooked

When it comes to finding bucks, it’s important to think outside the box and explore overlooked spots. These are often small areas that are initially missed or ignored by most hunters. In the video, The Hunting Public shares their experience of finding a great hunting spot that had been completely written off by others. This spot was located near bigger public hunting areas, which tend to attract most of the hunting pressure. By venturing into these overlooked spots, you increase your chances of finding deer and bucks that others may have missed.

Finding Deer Sign in Overlooked Spots

One of the key indicators of a good hunting spot is the presence of deer sign. When scouting an overlooked spot, it’s crucial to look for signs such as tracks, rubs, scrapes, and droppings. These signs suggest that deer are frequenting the area and are likely to return. In the video, The Hunting Public discovered a plethora of deer sign in the overlooked spot they found. This gave them confidence that deer, and potentially bucks, were using this area regularly. By paying attention to deer sign, you can better understand the movement patterns of deer in the area and position yourself for a successful hunt.

Spotting Bucks in Overlooked Areas

Bucks can be elusive and often seek out less pressured areas to avoid encounters with hunters. Overlooked spots can provide ideal hiding places for bucks, as they are often undisturbed and offer cover. By carefully observing your surroundings and being patient, you increase your chances of spotting bucks in these areas. In the video, The Hunting Public encountered multiple bucks during their hunts in the overlooked spot. By taking the time to understand the deer’s behavior and using decoys and calls strategically, they were able to lure in and harvest a mature buck. So don’t underestimate the potential of overlooked spots when it comes to finding and hunting bucks.

Tip 2: Finding Habitat Diversity

Examining Pine Thickets for Buck Activity

Habitat diversity plays a crucial role in attracting and holding deer, including bucks. One specific type of habitat to pay attention to is pine thickets. Thick stands of pines offer excellent cover and bedding areas for deer, making them prime locations to find bucks. In the video, The Hunting Public discusses how they have found success by focusing on areas with dense pine thickets. By thoroughly scouting these areas and learning how deer utilize them, you can increase your chances of encountering bucks.

Exploring Waterways as Potential Buck Locations

Waterways, such as creeks, streams, and rivers, can offer prime hunting opportunities for bucks. These natural features act as travel corridors and provide deer with access to water and abundant food sources. Bucks will often follow the edges of waterways as they move throughout their home range. In the video, The Hunting Public mentions the importance of waterways in their hunting strategy. By exploring these areas and looking for signs of deer activity, such as trails and tracks, you can identify potential buck locations and plan your hunts accordingly.

Targeting Hardwood Timber for Deer Sign

Hardwood timber stands offer a diverse range of food sources for deer, making them attractive locations for bucks. Acorns, in particular, are a favorite food source for deer during the fall months. By scouting areas with hardwood timber and searching for signs of acorn consumption, such as feeding sign and scattered acorn caps, you can pinpoint potential buck hotspots. In the video, The Hunting Public emphasizes the importance of hardwood timber in their hunting strategy and mentions encountering bucks in these areas. So don’t overlook the potential of hardwood timber when searching for buck hunting locations.

Utilizing Clear Cuts for Buck Hunting

Clear cuts, which are areas where trees have been cut down, can provide excellent opportunities for hunting bucks. These areas offer a variety of new growth, which attracts deer looking for fresh food sources and cover. In the video, The Hunting Public discusses the benefits of hunting clear cuts and the success they’ve had in these areas. By scouting clear cuts and focusing on areas where new growth is present, you can increase your chances of encountering bucks. So be sure to include clear cuts in your hunting strategy for finding bucks.

Deer Hunting - 3 Tips for Finding Bucks

Tip 3: Being Mobile and Adaptable

Avoiding Hunting Pressure by Moving Locations

Hunting pressure can significantly impact deer movement patterns and make it more difficult to locate bucks. One effective strategy for overcoming hunting pressure is to be mobile and move to different locations. By constantly adapting and changing your hunting spots, you can stay one step ahead of other hunters and increase your chances of finding bucks. In the video, The Hunting Public emphasizes the importance of avoiding hunting pressure and shares their experience of relocating to less pressured areas. So don’t be afraid to be mobile and explore new areas to find those elusive bucks.

Staying on the Trail of Deer by Being Mobile

Deer are constantly on the move, especially during the rut when bucks are actively seeking out does. To increase your chances of encountering bucks, it’s important to stay on the trail of deer. This means being mobile and adapting your hunting strategy based on the deer’s movements. By observing deer behavior, such as feeding patterns and travel routes, you can determine their likely destinations and adjust your hunting locations accordingly. In the video, The Hunting Public highlights the importance of being mobile and following the deer. By doing so, they were able to have successful hunts and harvest bucks. So don’t be afraid to change your game plan and stay on the trail of deer.

Optimizing Mobility with Tethrd Saddles and Platforms

One tool that can greatly enhance your mobility and adaptability in the field is a tree saddle, specifically Tethrd saddles and platforms. Tree saddles are lightweight and portable, allowing you to set up quickly in different locations. They provide a comfortable and secure way to hunt from a tree without the limitations of traditional tree stands. In the video, The Hunting Public mentions the use of Tethrd saddles and platforms as an effective hunting tool. By utilizing this equipment, you can easily move to overlooked spots and adjust your hunting strategy on the fly. So consider investing in a tree saddle to optimize your mobility and increase your chances of finding bucks.

Deer Hunting - 3 Tips for Finding Bucks


Finding and hunting bucks can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. By following these three tips, you can improve your chances of locating overlooked spots, leveraging habitat diversity, and staying mobile in the pursuit of bucks. Remember to thoroughly scout your hunting areas, pay attention to deer sign, and adapt your strategy based on deer movement patterns. And don’t forget to consider the benefits of utilizing tree saddles and platforms for enhanced mobility and adaptability. So get out there, explore new areas, and enjoy the thrill of finding and hunting bucks. Happy hunting!

Deer Hunting - 3 Tips for Finding Bucks

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