Are you considering venturing into the exciting world of deer hunting this year? If so, you’re not alone. Deer hunting has gained significant popularity among outdoor enthusiasts, offering an exhilarating and rewarding experience. Using a shotgun for deer hunting is permitted and preferred in many areas.

In this blog post, we will explore the art of hunting deer with a shotgun, exploring its effectiveness and providing valuable insights to enhance your hunting endeavors.

The Versatility and Relevance of Shotguns in Deer Hunting

Deer hunting has a unique allure that captivates both seasoned hunters and novices alike. When choosing the right firearm for this pursuit, shotguns are highly versatile and effective tools. Unlike other hunting firearms, shotguns offer a wide range of ammunition options, making them suitable for various hunting scenarios.

Shotguns are particularly relevant in areas where regulations mandate their use for deer hunting. These regions often have dense vegetation or shorter shooting ranges, making shotguns ideal for maneuverability and accuracy in such environments. Additionally, shotguns allow hunters to utilize specialized ammunition, such as slugs, which offer enhanced stopping power and accuracy for deer hunting.

Evaluating the Shotgun for Deer Hunting

Consideration 1: Assessing Your Deer Hunting Needs

Regarding deer hunting, it’s crucial to assess your individual hunting needs and preferences. Understanding the hunting you enjoy and how frequently you engage in it will help you make informed decisions when selecting a shotgun for deer hunting.

The Remington 870 shotgun is a versatile and reliable option suitable for various hunting activities. Whether you’re a bird hunter, a rabbit hunter, or someone who engages in different types of hunting, the Remington 870 can adapt to your needs. With its robust build and durability, this shotgun has been a trusted companion for hunters for over 35 years. It boasts a track record of reliability and is designed to withstand the rigors of the hunting environment.

Consideration 2: Choosing the Right Ammunition

Selecting the appropriate ammunition is paramount to achieving accuracy and success in deer hunting with a shotgun. Fortunately, a wide range of shotgun ammunition is available specifically designed for this purpose.

To gain comprehensive insights into choosing the right ammunition. One notable authority in the field is Dave Henderson, an esteemed shotgun expert from Endicott, New York. His book, “Shot Gunning for Deer,” is an invaluable resource, providing detailed guidance on the subject. Henderson’s expertise will enlighten you about the different ammunition options, allowing you to make informed decisions.

Among the various types of ammunition, foster-style slugs are highly effective for deer hunting. These slugs offer enhanced accuracy and downrange performance, making them a popular choice among hunters. It’s important to understand that the accuracy of a slug does not rely on rifling within the shotgun barrel, debunking a common myth. Instead, foster-style slugs’ design, weight, and retention contribute to their accuracy and effectiveness. Familiarizing yourself with the characteristics and performance of different slugs will help you select the optimal ammunition for your shotgun.

Consideration 3: Dedicated Shotgun for Deer Hunting

For avid deer hunters who plan to focus solely on this pursuit, investing in a dedicated shotgun for deer hunting can offer several benefits. A dedicated shotgun provides specialized features that enhance performance and improve the hunting experience.

The Remington 870, available in various gauges, including the popular 12-gauge and the lighter 20-gauge, is an excellent choice for a dedicated deer hunting shotgun. This dependable firearm retains the renowned reliability and durability of the Remington 870 series while catering specifically to the needs of deer hunters. A dedicated shotgun like this allows you to fine-tune and optimize its features for deer hunting, ensuring you have the right tool for the job.

Equally important is selecting a dedicated shotgun scope that can withstand the unique challenges of shotgun recoil. Unlike rifle scopes, which may not be able to handle the powerful recoil generated by shotguns, a dedicated shotgun scope is specifically designed to endure the punishment. By choosing a shotgun scope designed to handle the recoil, you ensure the longevity and accuracy of your hunting optics.

You can make informed decisions when selecting a shotgun for deer hunting by carefully evaluating these considerations. Assessing your needs, choosing the right ammunition, and considering a dedicated shotgun will help you optimize your hunting experience and increase your chances of a successful and rewarding hunt.

Mastering the Shotgun for Deer Hunting

Importance of Familiarizing Yourself with the Shotgun

To maximize your effectiveness as a deer hunter, you must become proficient with the shotgun you have chosen for the task. Familiarity with your firearm builds confidence and ensures that you can handle it safely and effectively in the field.

Becoming proficient with your shotgun requires practice and repetition. Regularly handle and shoot your shotgun to build familiarity with its weight, balance, and operation. By dedicating time to practice, you’ll develop muscle memory and refine your shooting technique, improving accuracy and precision.

Understanding the Shooting Technique for Slug Guns

When it comes to shooting with slug guns for deer hunting, the technique differs from that used with centerfire rifles. Understanding and mastering the shooting technique specific to slug guns is crucial for achieving optimal accuracy and stability.

A key aspect of shooting with a slug gun is establishing a stable shooting position. Unlike shooting on the move or in dynamic hunting scenarios, shooting with a slug gun often involves stationary positions such as tree stands or ground blinds. To achieve improved accuracy, follow these steps:

  1. Differentiate between shooting techniques for centerfire rifles and slug guns:
    • Centerfire rifles often allow for more flexible shooting positions due to their design and ballistics. Slug guns, on the other hand, require a more rigid and stable shooting stance.
    • Understanding this distinction will help you adapt your shooting technique accordingly.
  2. Establish three-point contact and a solid shooting position for improved accuracy:
    • Find three contact points with your surroundings to create a stable shooting platform. For example, if you’re positioned in a tree stand, utilize your knee as a point of contact and brace against the stand for stability.
    • Ensure that your body and the shotgun have a firm and stable connection to minimize movement and increase accuracy.
  3. Achieve a stable shooting stance through step-by-step instructions:
    • Plant your feet shoulder-width apart, distributing your weight evenly.
    • Grip the forend of the shotgun firmly with your non-dominant hand.
    • Pull the shotgun inward towards your body, creating a firm anchor point and minimizing recoil.
    • Press the butt of the shotgun firmly against your shoulder to further enhance stability and control.
    • Keep your non-dominant hand loose to avoid torque, maintaining a relaxed grip.
    • With this stable shooting stance, you’ll be able to absorb the recoil generated by the slug gun, ensuring a steady and accurate shot.

By mastering the shooting technique specific to slug guns and adopting a stable shooting stance, you significantly increase your chances of accuracy and success while deer hunting.


In conclusion, hunting deer with a shotgun can be a thrilling and rewarding experience for outdoor enthusiasts. Throughout this blog post, we have covered key considerations and techniques to help you make informed decisions and maximize your success in the field. Let’s recap the main points discussed:

  1. Assessing Your Deer Hunting Needs: When choosing a shotgun, understanding your hunting preferences and frequency is crucial. The versatile Remington 870 shotgun was highlighted as a reliable option for hunting.
  2. Choosing the Right Ammunition: The wide range of shotgun ammunition available for deer hunting was emphasized. Consulting expert sources, such as Dave Henderson’s book “Shot Gunning for Deer,” can provide valuable insights. Foster-style slugs were identified as effective ammunition for accuracy and downrange performance.
  3. Dedicated Shotgun for Deer Hunting: Investing in a specialized shotgun can offer several benefits for those dedicated to deer hunting. The Remington 870 was introduced as a suitable option, and the importance of selecting a dedicated shotgun scope to withstand recoil was emphasized.

Additionally, we discussed the significance of mastering the shotgun and understanding the shooting technique specific to slug guns. Familiarizing yourself with the chosen shotgun and practicing regularly helps build proficiency and accuracy. Adopting a stable shooting stance, achieving three-point contact, and following step-by-step instructions were recommended to improve shooting precision.

As you embark on your deer hunting journey with a shotgun, we encourage you to apply the considerations and shooting techniques outlined in this blog post. Assess your needs, select the right ammunition, and become proficient with your shotgun through practice and familiarity. Doing so can increase your chances of a successful and fulfilling deer hunting experience.

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