Imagine finding yourself wholly equipped to spellbind your shooting experience, with the superior technical performance of a highly sought-after device, the Pulsar Thermion 2 XP-50 Thermal Scope. In this comprehensive review, you’re going to get acquainted with this innovative thermal scope, through detailed insights shared by the Mrgunsngear Channel. Their video provides a hands-on examination of the scope, covering its features and functionality exhaustively. Besides, you’ll get to contemplate the reviewer’s personal regard for the product, which is served as both an educational and an entertaining piece.

The scope under discussion does not merely claim and strive for top-grade, thermal imaging results, but firmly delivers on it. Deep down into little details, the reviewer leaves no stone unturned. From the optic’s superior thermal sensor, assuring sharp and discernible images even under unfavourable weather conditions, to its compatibility with any 30mm optic mount, and its extended battery life, every facet is covered in depth. The video helps you decide if this reliable yet pricey piece of marvel technology, recently released in 2021, aligns with your shooting requirements and budget.

Pulsar Thermion 2 XP-50 Thermal Scope Review

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Overview of Pulsar Thermion 2 XP-50 Thermal Scope

the Pulsar Thermion 2 XP-50 Thermal Scope is a state-of-the-art piece of technology that every passionate shooter and hunter will appreciate. In this review, we’ll give an in-depth analysis of its features, performance, and functionality. We’ll discuss how it stands out from its predecessors and competitors and highlight practical scenarios in which you may apply its superior features.

Basic specifications

Featuring a resolution of 640×480, this thermal scope comes with a 2x base magnification and is capable of 8x optical zoom, meaning it can zoom-in up to 16x. Furthermore, it’s compatible with any optics mount or rings measuring 30 millimeters, giving it a significant edge.

Release year and enhancements over predecessor

The Pulsar Thermion 2 XP-50 was released in 2021, taking after the popular Thermion model but with several enhancements. Its boasts a larger objective lens, with a 50mm F1 capacity, allowing users to identify objects at a greater distance. The thermal sensor is also improved giving you a crisper image and better distinguishment between temperature objects.

Scope of purchase and uses

This advanced thermal optic stands out for its exceptional performance during poor weather conditions, such as rain or fog. It’s ideal for both beginners and experienced hunters and shooters, thanks to its user-friendly interface and adaptability to various optic mounts.

Design and Build Quality of the Pulsar Thermal Scope

The build quality and design of the Pulsar Thermion 2 XP-50 is a testament to the careful thought put into its construction, ensuring durability and user comfort.

Size and weight

The Thermion 2 XP-50’s compact size makes it an excellent choice for different kinds of firearms, from AR rifles to bolt guns.

Materials used in construction

The robust construction of the thermion 2 XP-50 ensures it can withstand the shock of a 12-gauge shotgun or a .375, a clear indication of its ability to sustain harsh treatment.

Waterproof ratings

The Pulsar Thermion 2 XP-50 comes with an impressive IPX7 rating. This feature ensures it’s immune to water damage, giving you the freedom to take it out in the rain without any worries.

Lens and Thermal Sensor Features

The lens and thermal sensor features of the Pulsar Thermion 2 XP-50 make it standout amongst similar gadgets in its category.

Specifications and capabilities of the 50mm lens

The 50mm F1 objective lens facilitates long-distance identification, a notable upgradation from its predecessor.

Superior thermal sensor and its benefits

The superior thermal sensor in the Thermion 2 XP-50 is one of its most outstanding features. It lets users perceive a much sharper image and more precise differentiation between various temperature objects. This feature is especially handy in unfavorable weather conditions.

Effectiveness in various weather conditions

Even in unfavorable weather conditions, such as during rain or fog, the Thermion 2 XP-50 continues to provide clear images. The fact that the contrast and brightness can be adjusted quickly according to the conditions further accentuates its performance.

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Zooming and Mount Compatibility

One of the most significant advantages of the Thermion 2 XP-50 is its compatibility with different mounts and its impressive zooming capacity.

8x optical zoom feature

The 8x optical zoom feature is fantastic, enabling users to zoom in up to 16x. This superior zooming capability is helpful in identifying targets located at a significant distance.

Compatibility with 30mm optics mount or rings

The Thermion 2 XP-50 is compatible with any optics mount or rings measuring 30 millimeters, making it significantly versatile. Users will find this feature beneficial because it does not require a proprietary mount.

Range and Realistic Engagement Distance

Regarding the scope’s range and realistic engagement distance, the Thermion 2 XP-50 offers a mix of impressive and practical features.

Identification range

The Pulsar Thermion 2 XP-50 is rated for target identification up to 2000 yards away. This feature, combined with its superior zooming capabilities, allows users to spot targets from a considerable distance.

Realistic engagement distance for beginners and experienced shooters

In terms of shooter engagement, beginners can easily recognize targets like dogs or pigs up to 400 yards away under ideal weather conditions. Experienced shooters, on the other hand, can extend that distance to between 600 to 700 yards.

Customizable Settings and User-friendly Features

Among the Thermion 2 XP-50’s main highlights are its customizable settings and user-friendly features.

Different color palette settings

The scope offers a variety of reticle color settings, providing more customization to users.

Brightness and contrast adjustments

The device also allows for quick on-the-fly brightness and contrast adjustments to match different conditions, a crucial feature given thermal scopes’ sensitivity to light and temperature variations.

Wi-Fi and calibration settings

The Thermion 2 XP-50 incorporates Wi-Fi settings and a wide array of reticles, making it highly customizable. Furthermore, its calibration process is super intuitive, allowing you to set your preferred zero distance.

Battery Life, Audio Recording, and Image Clarity

The Thermion 2 XP-50 does not disappoint when it comes to battery life, audio recording, and image clarity.

Battery lifespan

The battery life of the X2 XP-50 lasts anywhere between five to seven hours, so you can trust it for prolonged hunting sessions without worrying about power.

Internal microphone for audio recording

The Thermion 2 XP-50 incorporates an internal microphone, allowing users to record audio while using the optic.

Focus ring for image clarity

This scope features a focus ring that can be adjusted to enhance image clarity, especially handy when identifying targets at a distance.

Additional Components of the Pulsar Thermal Scope

The Thermion 2 XP-50 comes with additional components that provide more value for the buyer.

Lens cap for protection

The Pulsar Thermion 2 XP-50 includes a lens cap that provides necessary protection for the lens while not in use.

Retention piece to prevent flapping

The retention piece prevents flapping, demonstrating the attention to detail by the manufacturers.

Price Point and Value for Money

Understanding the cost and value for money of the Thermion 2 XP-50 is crucial for potential buyers.

Cost of the Pulsar Thermion 2 XP-50 Thermal Scope

With a price point of approximately $5500, it’s understandable that the Pulsar Thermal Scope could be seen as a significant investment.

Comparisons with low-tier models

Compared to low-tier models (costing around $2000-$3000), the Thermion 2 XP-50 may seem pricey.

Justification for the price given the features and performance

However, when you factor in the superior image quality it offers and how it performs under poor weather conditions, it’s clear why many believe it offers excellent value for money.


Summary of the review

In this review, we have analyzed the features, performance, and cost of the Pulsar Thermion 2 XP-50 Thermal Scope. As we detailed, this scope is a top-quality product for passionate shooters, boasting superior thermal sensors, excellent zooming capabilities and compatibility with 30mm optics mount or rings.

Final thoughts and recommendations based on feature analysis and performance

The Thermion 2 XP-50 justifies its price point with enhanced sensor quality, robust build, and reliable performance under various conditions. It’s an excellent scope for professional hunting and shooting purposes despite its relatively high price point. Despite this, its user-friendly features and customization options make it a worthwhile investment for both beginners and experienced shooters alike.

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