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Imagine being on a hunt, the bead of your scope settled perfectly on an elusive wild hog, when suddenly you realize you misjudged the distance. Avoid another hunting mishap with the Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 LRF Pro. It’s a thermal scope that boasts a laser range finder which promises an unrivaled advantage in the field. This overview discusses the first hunts and complete review of this thermal scope – the latest sensation from Pulsar, replete with specifications, distinguishing features, and a visual exploration through its optic.

The Thermion 2 XP50 Pro isn’t just another scope; its batches of cutting-edge features and performance enhancements set it apart. It heralds an impressive resolution coupled with a wide field of view that prioritizes clarity targeted at better follow-up shots. Delving into the specifics of video recording, this piece of optic tech marvel also facilitates excellent audio quality. Furthermore, it is equipped with a laser rangefinder that facilitates accurate distance calculation – a vital feature for hunters operating in vast unfamiliar terrains.

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Overview of Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 LRF Pro

Put on your hunting boots as we delve into the details of the Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 LRF Pro, Pulsar’s latest Thermal Scope equipped with a laser range finder. Unveiling a suite of upgraded features, this optic is tailor-made for those night hunts where precision, quality, and reliability count the most.

Specifications of the scope

The Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 Pro promises superior quality with its 640 x 480 thermal core resolution and an Ammo led display. With a formidable detection range of 2,000 yards, this scope also scores high on distance coverage. Moreover, it presents a flexible magnification range that begins at 2x and can be extended up to 16x.

Differences between Thermion 2 and Thermion 2 Pro

The main difference between the Thermion 2 and the Thermion 2 Pro lies in their thermal sensor rating. The Thermion 2 Pro boasts of an updated thermal sensor with a rating of minus 25 millikelvin, a significant jump from the Thermion 2’s rating of minus 40 millikelvin. This gives the Thermion 2 Pro an added edge in terms of improved sensitivity.

Price of the Thermal Scope

Marked at a price range of around $6,000, the Thermion 2 Pro offers features that justify its cost. With improvements in battery life and color palette/reticle options, all without a rise in price from the previous model, this scope presents value for money.

Looking Through the Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 Pro

Step into the shoes of a hunter and experience first-hand what it’s like to view through the Thermion 2 XP50 Pro.

Visual thermal footage

The scope delivers clear-cut visual thermal footage that aids in accurate target identification and tracking. The overall picture quality stands out as one of the finest amongst other Pulsar products.

Effectiveness of thermal core resolution

The 640 x 480 thermal core resolution of the Thermion 2 Pro enables clear and detailed imaging. The highly sensitive sensor adds to the depth of the imaging, empowering you with superior night vision.

Usefulness of Ammo led display

The Ammo led display of Thermion 2 Pro improves readability under various conditions, thereby adding comfort and ease to your hunting experience.

Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 Pro BEST LRF Thermal Under $6K?!

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HansETX and Outdoor Legacy Gear

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Where to find the Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 Pro

The Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 LRF Pro is available on Ensure you grab yours soon and add this impressive piece of gear to your hunting arsenal.

Contact details for HansETX and Outdoor Legacy Gear

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Insight into HansETX’s Hunting journey

Sharing from his hunting endeavors, HansETX began hog hunting out of necessity. It quickly became a personal fight and struggle against the damaging impact hogs had on his family’s property and livelihood.

Expanding Field of View and Magnification

Experience seamless tracking with the Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 Pro’s impressive field of view and magnification.

Field of view at 100 yards

The scope offers a field of view of 65 feet at 100 yards. This wide field of view facilitates quick follow-up shots and improves your chances of successful hunts.

Base magnification and extension

Providing a 2x base magnification, the Thermion 2 Pro can be extended up to 16x. Remember, however, that increasing magnification reduces resolution.

Implication of magnification on resolution

Doubling the magnification will result in halving the resolution, so understanding your magnification needs are pivotal in hunting with precision.

Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 Pro BEST LRF Thermal Under $6K?!

Key Features of Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 LRF Pro

The Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 Pro come with a host of features designed to enhance your hunting experience.

Laser Rangefinder

Equipped with a laser rangefinder, the Thermion 2 Pro provides accurate distance calculation up to 875 yards, useful in unfamiliar or vast open territories.

Video and audio recording

With its ability to record videos and audio, the scope can help relive your hunting experiences or share them with others.

Waterproof rating

Enjoy trouble-free hunting even in wet conditions thanks to the IPX7 rating that makes the scope fully waterproof.

Ten reticle options and nine colors

With ten different reticle options and nine colors, this scope gives you plenty of customization options to cater to your specific needs and preferences.

High recoil resistance

The Thermion 2 Pro’s high recoil resistance makes it suitable for a .375 H caliber or a 12-gauge shotgun, adding versatility to its usage.

Wi-Fi connectivity with Stream Vision 2 app

Stay connected with your hunting partners easily with its Wi-Fi feature that enables connectivity to the Stream Vision 2 app.

Thermion 2 Pro’s Long Battery Life

One less worry for you as a hunter is the long battery life of the Thermion 2 Pro.

Thermo 2 LRF Pro XP50 model battery life

The Thermo 2 LRF Pro XP50 model presents an impressive battery life that lasts up to 9-10 hours, ensuring your hunting is not interrupted.

How battery life compares to other Pulsar models

Compared to other Pulsar models, the Thermion 2 Pro emerges superior in terms of its battery longevity.

Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 Pro BEST LRF Thermal Under $6K?!

Accuracy and Sensitivity of Thermal Sensors

The Thermion 2 Pro’s thermal sensor is designed with an emphasis on accuracy and increased sensitivity.

Comparing the sensor rating of Thermion 2 and Thermion 2 Pro

While the Thermion 2 has a sensor rating of minus 40 millikelvin, the Thermion 2 Pro significantly ups its performance with a sensor rating of minus 25 millikelvin.

Ease of use of rangefinding feature of Thermion 2 Pro

The on-the-go ease of use of the rangefinding feature of the Thermion 2 Pro makes it a highly favored choice among hunters.

Impact of increased sensitivity of thermal sensor on overall performance

Packed with high sensitivity, the thermal sensor of the Thermion 2 Pro ensures superior performance that complements its range of features and makes each hunt a success.

Scope Picture Quality Evaluation

A deciding component of a successful hunt is the quality of visuals provided by the scope.

Picture quality of the Thermion 2 Pro

When assessing picture quality, the Thermion 2 Pro takes the cake, offering clear and crisp imagery that guarantees precise target identification.

How the Thermion 2 Pro’s picture quality stacks up against other Pulsar products

In comparison with other Pulsar products, the Thermion 2 Pro fares excellent in terms of picture quality, marking itself as a top-notch choice.

Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 Pro BEST LRF Thermal Under $6K?!

Mounting the Pulsar Thermion 2 XP50 Pro

Finally, when it comes to mounting your scope, the Thermion 2 Pro proves to be just as easy and versatile.

Compatibility of Thermion 2 Pro with 30mm rings

The Thermion 2 Pro fits effortlessly with any set of 30mm rings, offering seamless mounting and set up.

Expectation for more models with laser rangefinder module

Given its impressive performance, we can hope to see more models rolling out in the future equipped with the laser rangefinder module.


Overall recommendation of the Thermion2 XP50 LRF Pro

Highly recommended for those seeking high-quality laser rangefinder scopes, the Thermion2 XP50 LRF Pro is a wise investment for your hunts.

Who would benefit from the Thermion2 XP50 LRF Pro

Suitable for a range of hunting scenarios, the Thermion2 XP50 LRF Pro is particularly well suited for coyote hunting.

Future updates and where to get them

For future updates, follow us on various platforms and tune into the late-night vision show podcast and the daily Instagram handle HansETX. Your hunt for the best thermal scope ends here with the Thermion2 XP50 LRF Pro.

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