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Imagine being able to revolutionize your hunting experience with the help of Pulsar’s first-ever multispectral hunting riflescope. The Pulsar Thermion DUO DXP50 is here, a groundbreaking device designed for hunting at any time of the day and in any weather conditions. This top-of-the-line model boasts a 4k full-color channel for daytime hunting, making it an unparalleled tool for every hunter’s expedition. Simply switch between channels with a conveniently placed button close to the eyepiece, and enjoy improved detection and identification capabilities.

What sets the Thermion DUO DXP50 apart is its unrivaled image quality, a result of its thermal imaging capabilities. This feature allows the user to have a firm grip on vital details, regardless of weather conditions. Furthermore, the innovative Picture-in-Picture mode gives you the power to display images from both channels simultaneously, letting you prioritize either the thermal or digital image. It’s undeniably a game-changer in hunting optics.

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The Pulsar Thermion DUO DXP50

Get ready to change the way you hunt! The Pulsar Thermion DUO DXP50 is not just any riflescope, but the first-ever multispectral hunting riflescope. Based on our flagship scope, Thermion 2 XP50 PRO, this optical device offers a 4K full-color channel for daytime hunting, making this the ultimate device for hunting any time of the day. No matter what the weather, be it rain or shine, clear skies or fog, this scope will step up your hunting game like you’ve never experienced before.

The First Multispectral Hunting Riflescope

The Thermion DUO DXP50 is a game-changer. Not only a simple hunting riflescope, but it’s also the first-ever multispectral hunting scope. It combines an innovative thermal imaging sensor, perfect for hunting at night and in the most challenging lighting conditions, with a full-color channel designed for daytime hunting.

Based on Flagship Scope – Thermion 2 XP50 PRO

Our Thermion DUO DXP50 is built on the rock-solid foundation of our flagship scope, the Thermion 2 XP50 PRO. This combination means you’re getting the best of both worlds: a reliable, high-performance scope meshed with cutting-edge multispectral technology.

4K Full-color Channel for Daytime Hunting

Forget blurry, colorless images. With the Thermion DUO DXP50, you have a 4K full-color channel at your disposal, tailor-made for daytime hunting. Affordable, versatile, and incredibly detailed, this 4K channel drastically enhances your hunting experience.

Ultimate Device for Hunting at Any Time of the Day

No more waiting for the perfect light conditions. No matter the time, day, or night, the Thermion DUO DXP50 shines. Rain, fog, snow, or starlight, your hunting will never be hindered. With this device, you get a crystal-clear picture all day, every day.

Switching Between Two Channels

Easy Switching with Convenient Placement of the Button

Switching between channels is as easy as pressing a button. With the button conveniently located close to the eyepiece, you’ll find switching from thermal to digital is smooth, giving you enhanced detection and identification capabilities.

Use of Picture-in-Picture mode

This riflescope’s Picture-in-Picture mode allows you to display images from both optical channels simultaneously. You can choose which one to prioritize: the thermal or the digital image. This valuable feature gives you an unrivaled level of flexibility in the field, bringing detailed observation of the surroundings and thorough analysis of targets.

Enhanced Detection and Identification Capabilities

With the Thermion DUO DXP50, your detection and identification capabilities will reach new heights. Equipped with a high-quality imaging system, and the ability to switch between thermal and digital imaging, no detail will stay unnoticed, no matter the weather condition.

Quality Image in Any Weather Condition

From sunny days to stormy nights, this riflescope is designed to provide top-quality images. No matter the weather conditions, you can trust the Thermion DUO DXP50 to deliver clear, detailed images, giving you that extra edge when you need it most.

Pulsar Thermion DUO DXP50 | Multispectral riflescope | Everything you need to know

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Multispectral Capability of the Riflescope

Day and Night Functionality

Experience the next level of versatility with our Thermion DUO DXP50. The multispectral functionality means you get clear and crisp images, whether stalking prey in the heat of the afternoon or waiting for that perfect shot under the moon’s glow. Its advanced thermal imaging and high-resolution color imagery provide you with exceptional detail during both day and night.

Comprehensive Coverage in Various Weather Conditions

No matter if it’s sunny, cloudy, rainy, or foggy, the Thermion DUO DXP50 has got you covered. Its advanced systems allow it to provide playable and detailed images in any weather conditions, making sure nothing comes between you and your target.

Thermal Imaging Detection Combined with Full Color Daytime Observation

The Thermion DUO DXP50 not only provides high-resolution, full-color imagery during the day, but its thermal imaging detection also guarantees you’ll pick out the smallest details on the darkest nights. This combination ensures you can clearly observe your environment at any time.

Features of the Thermion DUO DXP50

Ambidextrous Focusing Knobs

Left or right-handed – it doesn’t matter. The Thermion DUO DXP50 comes with ambidextrous focusing knobs. This handy feature means that no matter which hand you use, focusing the scope is straightforward and hassle-free.

Thin Lever for Precise Focusing of Thermal Channel

Lookup and observe every small detail in the thermal channel, thanks to the unique, thin lever designed explicitly for precise focusing.

Perfect Fit for both Left and Right-handed Users

Whether you’re a righty or a lefty, this scope will fit you perfectly. Its unique design ensures that both left and right-handed people can comfortably use it without any inconvenience.

Inclusion of 4K Camera

With its 4K camera, the Thermion DUO DXP50 offers detailed, high-definition images that make object identification easy. Now you can see the environment and targets in unrivaled clarity.

Sensor of High Definition Digital Zoom

The Thermion DUO DXP50 is equipped with a high-definition sensor that provides detailed digital zoom. This feature allows for precise and far-reaching shot placements.

Pulsar Thermion DUO DXP50 | Multispectral riflescope | Everything you need to know

Thermal Imaging Sensor of the Riflescope

High Sensitivity of European Mate Thermal Imaging Sensor

The Thermion DUO DXP50 features a highly sensitive European-made thermal imaging sensor for the perfect capture of the smallest temperature differences. This standout feature ensures a reliable identification of the target and a comprehensive understanding of the surrounding landscape.

Capture of the Smallest Temperature Differences

The ability to detect minor temperature differences sets the Pulsar Thermion DUO DXP50 apart. Now you can see things you would otherwise miss and make informed decisions quicker than ever before.

Reliable Identification of the Target and the Surrounding Landscape

Thanks to the thermal imaging sensor’s high sensitivity, the Thermion DUO DXP50 ensures the reliable identification of the target and its surroundings. This will allow you to plan your hunting strategy better and act more effectively in the field.

Fast Aperture F50 1.0 Germanium Lens

The riflescope comes equipped with a fast aperture F50 1.0 Germanium lens that ensures top-notch detection efficiency under any weather conditions and at any time of the day.

Use of Picture-in-Picture Function

Simultaneous Display of Images from both Optical Channels

With its picture-in-picture function, the Thermion DUO DXP50 allows you to simultaneously display images from both the thermal and digital channels. This feature enables you to overlay the thermal and digital images, providing an unparalleled level of detail and clarity.

Potential Capability for Prioritizing the Thermal or Digital Images

The riflescope allows you to decide which images to prioritize – thermal or digital. This offers you the flexibility to receive the most relevant information depending on time, place, and situation.

Pulsar Thermion DUO DXP50 | Multispectral riflescope | Everything you need to know

Incredible Observational Range

Detection of an Object at 1 800 meters in complete darkness

Imagine spotting an object located 1 800 meters away, even in total darkness. The Thermion DUO DXP50 makes that possible. It’s an impressive feature that can be a gamechanger in many hunting situations.

Ability to locate the game despite fog, haze, tall grass or deep forest

Whether the game is hiding behind a bush, deep in the forest, or under tall grass, the Thermion DUO DXP50 will help you locate it. Neither and fog nor haze can hinder its capability to detect targets, ensuring that nothing escapes your notice.

Riflescope Battery Life

Hunt for Up to 6 Hours on a Single Battery Charge

With the Thermion DUO DXP50, you can hunt for up to six hours on a single battery charge. Few things in life are as frustrating as a dead battery during a hunt. With this riflescope, you won’t have to worry about that.

Device powered by Two Rechargeable Batteries

The Thermion DUO DXP50 is powered by not one, but two rechargeable batteries. This ensures that you will always have a backup battery if one runs out, helping you remain in the hunt for longer.

Quick and Simple Replacement of the External Battery

Swapping out the external battery on the Thermion DUO DXP50 is quick and simple, so you can get back to your hunt in no time.

Pulsar Thermion DUO DXP50 | Multispectral riflescope | Everything you need to know

Multimedia Features of the Thermion DUO DXP50

Photo and Video Recording

The Thermion DUO DXP50 offers photo and video recording capabilities, allowing you to document your hunting experience like never before.

Improved Wi-Fi Connectivity and Stream Vision 2 App Integration

With enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity and integration with the Stream Vision 2 App, you can share your hunting experiences with friends and family. Your latest hunting adventures can be just a few taps away.

Completely Waterproof and Works Perfectly in Conditions of High Humidity, Heavy Rain

This riflescope is built to withstand challenging weather conditions. It’s completely waterproof and capable of functioning perfectly in heavy rain, or high humidity conditions.


Thermion DUO DXP50 as a Visual Anesthetic to any Hunting Weapon

The Thermion DUO DXP50 can enhance any hunting weapon to give it a superior visual advantage. Its concise and straightforward design maintains the classic feel of a daytime sight, making it seamlessly fit your existing hunting setup.

Thermion DUO DXP50 works Perfectly in Wide Range of Temperatures

From chilly winter nights to hot summer days, the Thermion DUO DXP50 is designed to work immaculately in a wide range of temperatures from -25 to +50 Celsius.

Modern Way of Hunting with Thermion DUO DXP50

Upgrade your hunting experience with our Thermion DUO DXP50. Don’t just hunt, but embrace the modern way of hunting with our multispectral hunting riflescope.

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