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Imagine yourself under the expansive Australian sky, the Pulsar Trail 2 XP50 LRF Thermal Scope in your hands, ready for a challenging hunt. Your prey? The elusive deer, standing as the ultimate test of this revolutionary piece of equipment. The thrill, the anticipation – it’s all part of the extraordinary journey you’re about to embark on with the Subsonic 308.

The Hornady 190gr Sub-x is your arrow, the weapon that’ll connect you to your target. Every twist and turn of the hunt, every heart-pounding moment captured on video by RMJ Hunting Australia. The tapestry of your experience will weave itself into the fabric of the wilderness, making this more than just a sport, but a testament to nature’s raw, untamed beauty.

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Overview of Subsonic 308

When it comes to reliable and high-performing ammunition for hunting purposes, your choice matters a great deal. Speaking of which, the Subsonic 308 is a type of ammunition that has attracted a vast following of avid hunters, thanks to its impressive characteristics.

Definition of Subsonic 308

Subsonic 308 is ammunition that features a lower velocity compared to its supersonic counterparts. Instead of breaking the sound barrier and creating a supersonic crack, Subsonic 308 travels slower than the speed of sound, hence the term ‘subsonic’.

Advantages of Using Subsonic 308

Using Subsonic 308 comes with a myriad of advantages. Firstly, it’s quieter, due to the lack of a sonic crack, which makes it perfect for hunting because it doesn’t scare away other potential targets after the first shot. Additionally, it generates less recoil, thus improving accuracy because you are in better control of your firearm. Also, at close range, it delivers just as much lethality as standard ammunition.

Cases where Subsonic 308 Might Fall Short

Despite its many advantages, Subsonic 308 might fall short in certain circumstances. Its slower speed makes it less suitable for long-range shots, where a higher velocity would provide flatter trajectory and better penetration. Also, its lower kinetic energy can mean less lethal shots, especially for larger game or when using less than optimal shot placement.

Detailed Analysis of Subsonic 308 Design

To further appreciate the Subsonic 308, let’s delve into its design, ballistic coefficients, and functionality.

Design Features of Subsonic 308

From a design standpoint, the Subsonic 308 is tailored for decreased speeds, meaning that it prioritizes quiet operation over extended range. This is achieved by using heavier bullets and less gunpowder in their cartridges, which help to keep their velocity below the speed of sound.

Ballistic Coefficients of Subsonic 308

A ballistic coefficient is a measure of a bullet’s aerodynamic efficiency. When it comes to Subsonic 308, these bullets usually have lower ballistic coefficients compared to their supersonic counterparts. This means they experience more drag and drop over distance, resulting in a more curved trajectory.

Functionality and Fire Rate of Subsonic 308

In terms of functionality, Subsonic 308 performs excellently within its optimal range, which is usually about up to 200 yards. Beyond this, they are less precise. Regarding the fire rate, this can depend on the firearm being used, but the recoil reduction compared to supersonic ammo can help to provide quicker follow-up shots if needed.

Subsonic 308 v deer. Pulsar Trail 2 XP50 LRF thermal scope. Hornady 190gr Sub-x.

Check out the Subsonic 308 v deer. Pulsar Trail 2 XP50 LRF thermal scope. Hornady 190gr Sub-x. here.

Using Subsonic 308 for Deer Hunting

deer hunting is a popular activity and the Subsonic 308 proves quite effective in that scope. Let’s see why.

Why Subsonic 308 is Suitable for Deer Hunting

Subsonic 308 is excellent for deer hunting because of its quiet operation, which minimizes the risk of startling the deer or any nearby game. Additionally, at the usual engagement ranges for deer hunting, Subsonic 308 can deliver effective shots.

Effectiveness of Subsonic 308 Against Deers

Against deer, Subsonic 308 can be highly effective. Although its performance reduces over long ranges, within ideal distances, its heavy bullets can yield significant energy transfer leading to quick, humane kills.

Experiences and Testimonies from Hunters

Many hunters have provided positive testimonies about using Subsonic 308 ammunition. They often highlight the reduced noise and recoil, along with the lethality at shorter ranges. However, some also mention that it requires good shot placement and is potentially less effective on larger or tougher species of deer.

Overview of Pulsar Trail 2 XP50 LRF Thermal Scope

A well-chosen scope can be a game-changer in your hunting escapades. The Pulsar Trail 2 XP50 LRF Thermal Scope is one such tool.

Definition of Pulsar Trail 2 XP50 LRF Thermal Scope

The Pulsar Trail 2 XP50 LRF Thermal Scope is a high-end piece of hunting gear. As a thermal scope, it allows you to detect heat signatures — ideal for spotting game, especially in low-light conditions or dense vegetation.

Key Features and Specifications

This thermal scope offers impressive features. These include high-resolution thermal imaging, integrated rangefinder, sophisticated reticle options, and superb battery life. Furthermore, it offers detailed contrast-rich imaging, thanks to its advanced thermal sensor.

Utility and Operation of Pulsar Trail 2 XP50 LRF Thermal Scope

The easy operation of the Pulsar Trail 2 XP50 LRF Thermal Scope makes it a popular choice among hunters. It can be easily configured to suit your hunting needs. Its ability to pick up the heat signatures and its integrated precision rangefinder is a huge advantage, helping you accurately gauge distance to your target.

Subsonic 308 v deer. Pulsar Trail 2 XP50 LRF thermal scope. Hornady 190gr Sub-x.

Using The Pulsar Trail 2 XP50 LRF Thermal Scope in Hunting

The operation of the thermal scope in hunting scenarios is quite beneficial. With it, you can improve your hunting experience and increase successful hits.

Practicality of the Scope in Hunting

Thanks to its thermal imaging and range-finding capabilities, this scope is uniquely practical for hunting. It gives you the ability to see through poor light or obstructed views, helping you spot and accurately target game that you might have otherwise missed.

Adjusting and Setting Up the Scope

Setting up and adjusting the scope is a straightforward process. Comprehensive instructions are provided, and hunters can reference these to properly mount, zero, and calibrate the scope. Remember, taking the time to set up your scope properly can be the difference between a successful hunt and a missed opportunity.

Tips on Maximizing Use of the Thermal Scope

To maximize the use of this thermal scope, make sure you’re familiar with all its settings and how to adjust them. Use the rangefinder to ensure accurate distance measurements, and take advantage of the high resolution imaging to get a clear view of your target. Practice makes perfect!

Overview of Hornady 190gr Sub-x

Quality hunting bullets can substantially impact your hunting success. Speaking of which, let’s turn our attention to Hornady’s 190gr Sub-x bullet.

Definition of Hornady 190gr Sub-x

Hornady 190gr Sub-x is a type of subsonic ammunition specifically designed for hunting. The ‘190gr’ denotes the weight of the bullet being 190 grains, while ‘Sub-x’ is short for ‘Subsonic eXpanding’, indicating it is designed to expand, even at subsonic speeds.

Features and Specifications

This bullet features a heavy grain weight and patented Flex Tip technology to aid in ballistic performance and reliable expansion at lower velocities. The bullet is designed for optimum accuracy and performance within the range limitations of subsonic ammunition.

Utility of Hornady 190gr Sub-x

The Hornady 190gr Sub-x offers many utilities. Its design ensures that it’s capable of delivering controlled expansion and deep penetration, which ensures maximum damage to the target. It’s particularly useful for hunters who appreciate the quieter report and lower recoil of subsonic ammunition.

Subsonic 308 v deer. Pulsar Trail 2 XP50 LRF thermal scope. Hornady 190gr Sub-x.

Using Hornady 190gr Sub-x in Deer Hunting

How does the Hornady 190gr Sub-x compare when used for deer hunting?

Effectiveness of Hornady 190gr Sub-x in Hunting

In terms of its effectiveness, these bullets present a game-changer within shorter hunting ranges. Their reliable expansion even at slow speed and good penetration substantially injure deer ensuring a more humane and efficient kill.

Comparing Hornady 190gr Sub-x with Other Bullets

Comparatively, the Hornady 190gr Sub-x pulls its weight against other ammunition. While it may not travel as fast or as far as higher velocity rounds, its design ensures it is effective within the range limitations of subsonic ammunition. Moreover, its reduced risk of over-penetration and lower noise make it a favorable choice among hunters.

Impact and Damage Assessment of Hornady 190gr Sub-x on Deer

Upon impact, the Hornady 190gr Sub-x demonstrates remarkable reliability. It expands reliably even at subsonic velocities, creating wide wound channels and delivering high levels of transferred energy that ensure quick, humane kills.

Pairing Subsonic 308 and Pulsar Trail 2 XP50 LRF in Deer Hunting

Having explored each product independently, let’s find out what happens when you combine them in your hunting exploits.

Why You Should Pair the Two

Pairing the Subsonic 308 with the Pulsar Trail 2 XP50 LRF Thermal Scope can greatly enhance your hunting performance. The quiet and controlled performance of Subsonic 308 ammo, paired with the range finding and visual capabilities of the thermal scope, create a setup that enhances accuracy, reaction time, and success rates.

Optimizing the Pair for Maximum Effect

To optimize this pairing, take your time setting up and understanding your equipment. A well-zeroed scope, combined with an understanding of the trajectory and limitations of your Subsonic 308 ammo, can deliver impressive results in the field. Equipment familiarity and practice are key.

Potential Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Potential challenges might include difficulty with long-range shooting given the Subsonic 308’s lower velocity and the need for precise shot placement to ensure quick, humane kills. Overcoming these challenges requires practice, a keen understanding of your equipment, and a focus on hunt scenarios that play to your setup’s strengths.

Subsonic 308 v deer. Pulsar Trail 2 XP50 LRF thermal scope. Hornady 190gr Sub-x.

Pairing Subsonic 308 and Hornady 190gr Sub-x in Deer Hunting

How about pairing the Hornady 190gr Sub-x with the Subsonic 308 in your hunting trips?

Reasons to Pair the Two

Pairing the Subsonic 308 with the Hornady 190gr Sub-x is a smart move for hunters who value quiet operation and less recoil. Both are designed for optimal performance at lower velocities, meaning they complement each other well. The controlled expansion of the Hornady Sub-x bullet virtually guarantees efficiency when used with the Subsonic 308.

Maximizing the Pair for Best Results

For best results, you must understand your ammunition’s limitations and focus on the close to the mid-range area, where subsonic ammunition shines. Regular practice on targets will perfect your shot placement and give you more confidence.

Anticipated Challenges and Solutions

The most significant challenge here could be potential underperformance on larger game or at longer ranges due to the inherent limitations of subsonic ammunition. This can be mitigated by focusing on smaller game, short to medium-range distances, and ensuring your shot placement is perfect.


As we close our exploration, it’s undeniable that the Subsonic 308, Hornady 190 gr Sub-x, and Pulsar Trail 2 XP50 LRF Thermal Scope each have valuable and unique features making them individually suitable for your hunting needs.

Summary of Covered Points

We’ve gleaned that Subsonic 308 provides a quieter, manageable, and efficient hunting experience within the right ranges. The Pulsar Trail 2 XP50 LRF Thermal Scope effortlessly helps you spot and measure the distance to your game irrespective of the lighting conditions. Lastly, the Hornady 190gr Sub-x promises exemplary and humane kills due to its unique design focused on expansion at lower velocities.

Final Thoughts on Subsonic 308, Pulsar Scope, and Hornady for Deer Hunting

No single tool is perfect for all circumstances or all hunters. However, for those looking for quieter operation, a precise range-finder, clear visibility in different conditions, and reliable expansion at lower velocities, the combination of Subsonic 308, the Pulsar Scope, and Hornady 190gr Sub-x serve as excellent options for deer hunting.

Encouraging Further Exploration and Usage

In the end, the choice to use these items is personal and should be made after considering your hunting style, preferences, and needs. We encourage you to explore these options further and possibly try them out to see their potential in bolstering your hunting experience. Happy hunting!

Click to view the Subsonic 308 v deer. Pulsar Trail 2 XP50 LRF thermal scope. Hornady 190gr Sub-x..

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