When spending a lot of time deer hunting on public land, it’s common to make mistakes. In order to have a successful 2022 season, it’s important to avoid certain things while chasing whitetails. You can watch this video where we break down these mistakes and provide tips on what you should do. Don’t forget to subscribe and stay updated on upcoming episodes during the SZN. Thank you for watching!


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www.theelementwild.com “The Benefits of Consistency and Limiting Movement” is a video created by The Element that focuses on the top mistakes made while hunting whitetail deer on public land. The video aims to provide viewers with tips and advice on what to avoid in order to have a successful hunting season in 2022. It discusses common errors such as hunting too high in trees, not measuring the distance to hunting spots, overcomplicating mobile hunting setups, relying too much on trail cameras, and moving around too much. The video also mentions the availability of “DAD GUMMIT” shirts and offers a discount code for equipment. Viewers are encouraged to subscribe for upcoming episodes and use the code “ELEMENT” for a 10% discount on Instagram, Facebook, and theelementwild.com.

In the video, The Element shares their experiences and lessons learned as avid public land hunters. They emphasize the importance of hunting at a reasonable height in trees, measuring distances to hunting spots before going out, and simplifying mobile hunting setups. The video also highlights the significance of consistency in hunting spots and the potential drawbacks of relying too heavily on trail cameras. By offering these insights, The Element aims to help viewers improve their hunting strategies and increase their chances of a successful hunt on public land. So grab a pen and paper, and get ready to take notes on how to avoid these common mistakes!

The Benefits of Consistency and Limiting Movement

The Benefits of Consistency

1.1 Increased Opportunity for Success

Consistency in hunting practices can greatly increase your chances of success. By consistently hunting in the same areas and using the same techniques, you become familiar with the terrain and the behavior of the deer in those areas. This familiarity allows you to make more informed decisions on where to set up and how to approach the hunt. Over time, you will start to identify patterns and trends that can lead to better opportunities for a successful hunt.

1.2 Better Understanding of the Hunting Area

When you consistently hunt in the same area, you develop a deep understanding of the landscape, its features, and the deer behavior in that specific location. This knowledge allows you to make better decisions regarding stand placement, scouting, and hunting strategies. By consistently hunting in the same area, you become intimately familiar with every detail, giving you an advantage over other hunters who may be less familiar.

1.3 Improved Knowledge of Deer Patterns

Consistently hunting in the same area allows you to observe and understand the behavioral patterns of the deer more effectively. You will start to recognize their feeding, bedding, and movement habits. This knowledge enables you to plan your hunts accordingly, positioning yourself in strategic locations and at the ideal times to increase your chances of encountering deer. Consistency helps you learn how deer utilize the terrain and adapt to their patterns effectively.

1.4 Enhanced Shot Placement

Consistency in hunting leads to improved shot placement. By hunting in the same area repeatedly, you become familiar with the distances, angles, and shooting lanes. You can set up your stand or blind in positions that maximize your chances of making ethical shots. This knowledge and experience allow you to make quick and accurate decisions when it comes to shot placement, increasing your chances of a clean and effective kill.

1.5 Better Ability to Adjust Tactics

Consistently hunting in the same area allows you to fine-tune your hunting tactics and adjust them as needed. You can experiment with different strategies and techniques to see what works best in that particular location. By consistently evaluating and adjusting your approach, you can optimize your chances of success and adapt to changing conditions and deer behavior.

1.6 Increased Confidence

Consistency breeds confidence. When you consistently hunt in the same area and have success, you build confidence in your abilities as a hunter. You become more comfortable with the terrain, your equipment, and your hunting strategies. This confidence translates into a calmer and more focused mindset while in the field, which can greatly enhance your overall hunting experience.

Limiting Movement

2.1 Reduced Chance of Detection

One of the key benefits of limiting your movement while hunting is reducing the chances of being detected by deer. Deer have keen senses, particularly when it comes to movement. By minimizing your movements, you decrease the likelihood of alerting nearby deer to your presence. When you limit your movement, you become stealthier and can go unnoticed by deer, increasing your chances of a successful hunt.

2.2 Improved Focus and Concentration

Limiting movement improves your focus and concentration while in the field. By staying still and minimizing unnecessary movements, you can dedicate all your attention to the environment and the sounds and sights around you. This heightened focus allows you to detect subtle cues and movements from nearby deer, giving you an advantage in anticipating their behavior and making effective shots.

2.3 Preservation of Hunting Spots

Limiting movement helps preserve hunting spots, particularly on public land where competition for prime locations can be fierce. By being mindful of your movements and not trampling through the area unnecessarily, you avoid leaving a noticeable presence that may deter deer or attract other hunters. This preservation of hunting spots increases your chances of consistently hunting in productive areas.

2.4 Minimized Disturbance to Wildlife

By limiting your movement, you minimize disturbances to the wildlife around you, including not only deer but other species as well. When you move cautiously and deliberately, you can observe the natural behavior of wildlife without causing unnecessary stress or disruption. This respect for the natural environment enhances your hunting experience and helps maintain a healthy ecosystem.

2.5 Enhanced Safety

Limiting movement also improves safety while hunting, both for yourself and for others. By being mindful of your movements and not making sudden and unnecessary gestures, you reduce the risk of accidents or injuries. This is particularly important when hunting from an elevated position, such as a tree stand, where sudden movements can lead to falls or other mishaps. By prioritizing safety through limited movement, you can enjoy your hunting experience with peace of mind.

2.6 Improved Shot Accuracy

When you limit your movement, you increase your chances of making accurate shots. By maintaining a steady position and minimizing unnecessary adjustments, you can focus on your target and make precise aiming adjustments if necessary. This improved shot accuracy increases the likelihood of a clean and ethical kill, reducing the risk of wounding or injuring the animal unnecessarily.

The Benefits of Consistency and Limiting Movement

Factors to Consider for a Successful Hunt

3.1 Access to Hunting Areas

Access to hunting areas is a crucial factor to consider for a successful hunt. Knowing the terrain, the routes, and the best access points can significantly improve your chances of encountering deer. Researching and scouting the area beforehand can help you identify potential access points and determine the best times and methods for entering and exiting the hunting location without disturbing the deer.

3.2 Evaluating Wind Direction

Understanding wind direction is essential for a successful hunt. Deer have a highly developed sense of smell, and they rely on it to detect potential threats. By evaluating wind direction and positioning yourself accordingly, you can reduce the chances of deer catching your scent and becoming wary. Paying attention to wind patterns and adjusting your hunting strategies can make a significant difference in your success rate.

3.3 Understanding Deer Behavior

Having a comprehensive understanding of deer behavior is crucial for a successful hunt. Knowing their feeding patterns, bedding areas, travel routes, and rutting behavior can help you predict their movements and position yourself in strategic locations. Study their behavior through observation, research, and experience, and use this knowledge to your advantage while planning your hunts.

3.4 Choosing the Right Hunting Spot

Choosing the right hunting spot is vital for increasing your chances of success. Factors such as deer sign, food sources, bedding areas, and travel corridors should be considered when selecting a spot. Proper scouting and research can help you identify the most productive areas and set up your stand or blind in the optimal location. By choosing the right hunting spot, you maximize your opportunities for encountering deer.

3.5 Utilizing Trail Cameras Wisely

Trail cameras can be valuable tools for gathering information about deer activity in your hunting area. Properly utilizing trail cameras can provide insights into deer movement patterns, behavior, and the presence of mature bucks. Placing trail cameras strategically and regularly checking their footage can help you make informed decisions about stand placement, timing, and hunting strategies.

3.6 Avoiding Overcomplication of Gear

Avoiding overcomplication of gear is essential for a successful hunt. While having quality and reliable equipment is important, carrying excessive gear can be burdensome and unnecessary. Streamline your gear to the essentials, focusing on items that are practical and crucial for your hunting style and environment. This simplification not only lightens your load but also allows you to move more efficiently and focus on the hunt itself.

The Benefits of Consistency and Limiting Movement

Avoiding Common Mistakes

4.1 Hunting Too High in Trees

One common mistake among hunters is hunting too high in trees. While the concept of getting a bird’s-eye view may sound appealing, it can limit visibility and shot angles. Instead, consider hunting at heights that are practical and offer a good balance between concealment, shot placement, and visibility. This way, you can have a better perspective on the hunting area and make accurate shots.

4.2 Neglecting to Measure Distance

Neglecting to measure the distance to a hunting spot before heading out can lead to unexpected distances and crowded areas. By measuring the distance using tools like a rangefinder or mapping apps, you can plan your hunt effectively and ensure you’re positioned at an optimal distance from your target. This knowledge allows you to make appropriate adjustments and avoid unnecessary complications.

4.3 Overcomplicating Mobile Hunting Setup

Overcomplicating your mobile hunting setup is a common mistake that hunters make. While advancements in gear and equipment can be enticing, it’s important to strike a balance between functionality and practicality. Carrying excessive gear and overcomplicating the setup process can result in wasted time, increased noise, and unnecessary stress. Simplify your setup and only carry what is necessary for a successful hunt.

4.4 Moving Around Too Much

Moving around too much while hunting can lead to missed opportunities. Frequent relocation can disrupt deer patterns and increase the likelihood of detection. Instead, focus on finding a strategic location and committing to it for an extended period. By staying in one spot, you increase your chances of encountering deer that may be passing through the area.

4.5 Relying Excessively on Trail Cameras

While trail cameras can be valuable assets, relying excessively on them can lead to missed opportunities. Trail cameras provide useful information, but they shouldn’t be the sole basis for your hunting decisions. Use them as a tool to supplement your scouting efforts and combine their findings with your knowledge of the area and deer behavior. Over-reliance on trail cameras can cause you to disregard other hunting spots and the signs that can be observed firsthand.

4.6 Not Considering Access and Wind Direction

Failing to consider access points and wind direction can be detrimental to your hunt. Without mindful planning, you may inadvertently alert deer to your presence or position yourself in a less than ideal location. Take the time to evaluate access routes and choose stand or blind locations that take wind direction into account. This proactive approach will significantly increase your chances of a successful hunt.

The Benefits of Consistency and Limiting Movement


5.1 Benefits of Consistency

Consistency in hunting practices offers a multitude of benefits, including increased opportunities for success, better knowledge of the hunting area, improved understanding of deer patterns, enhanced shot placement, better ability to adjust tactics, and increased confidence. By consistently hunting in the same area and utilizing the same techniques, you can optimize your chances of a successful hunt.

5.2 Importance of Limiting Movement

Limiting movement while hunting is crucial for reducing the chances of detection, improving focus and concentration, preserving hunting spots, minimizing disturbance to wildlife, enhancing safety, and improving shot accuracy. By being mindful of your movements and practicing stealth and patience, you can increase your chances of success while minimizing negative impacts on the environment and wildlife.

5.3 Key Factors for a Successful Hunt

Factors such as access to hunting areas, evaluating wind direction, understanding deer behavior, choosing the right hunting spot, utilizing trail cameras wisely, and avoiding overcomplication of gear are crucial for a successful hunt. By taking these factors into consideration and incorporating them into your hunting strategies, you can maximize your opportunities and increase your chances of a fruitful hunt.

5.4 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Common mistakes in hunting include hunting too high in trees, neglecting to measure distance, overcomplicating the mobile hunting setup, moving around too much, relying excessively on trail cameras, and not considering access and wind direction. By being aware of these mistakes and making conscious efforts to avoid them, you can improve your chances of success and have a more rewarding hunting experience.

5.5 Achieving a Successful Hunting Season

By implementing the principles of consistency, limiting movement, considering key factors, and avoiding common mistakes, you can significantly enhance your chances of having a successful hunting season. By remaining dedicated, patient, and adaptable, you can improve your skills as a hunter and increase your enjoyment and satisfaction in the pursuit of whitetail deer. Remember to respect the environment, wildlife, and fellow hunters, and strive for ethical and responsible hunting practices.

The Benefits of Consistency and Limiting Movement

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