Imagine the thrill of stepping into the darkness with just the familiar rifle comfortably resting on your shoulder. You’ll enjoy the impressive transformation that the Pulsar Krypton FXG50 and XG50 Thermal image rifle scope attachment bestows upon your ordinary day scope. In mere ticks, your equipment becomes a sophisticated thermal vision night scope, revealing the unseen wonders concealed in the darkness.

As daylight fades, the adaptable Krypton FXG50 comfortably fits your rifle, preserving its balance and setup. No need to worry about your firing stance. Everything remains comfortable and familiar to you. The remarkable design enables quick switching between setups, allowing you to optimally explore different scenarios from predator hunting to guarding property. This tool offers endless possibilities even as dusk engulfs the terrain.

The Pulsar Krypton FXG50 and XG50 Thermal image rifle scope attachment

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Key Features of Pulsar Krypton FXG50 and XG50

As an avid night shooter, you’ll appreciate the versatility of Pulsar Krypton FXG50 and XG50. There are several notable features in these devices that make them worthwhile for your nighttime hunting or observation pursuits.

Built-in Rapid Charging Dock

With the Krypton FXG50 or XG50, battery downtime is the last of your worries. The in-built rapid charging dock will ensure that you’re always ready for any shooting adventure whether it’s a long hunting night or just a quick scan of your property. The dock powers the IPS7 battery, which gives you over 8 hours of usage. You’ll spend more time out there doing what you love.

High-Quality Thermal Imaging

Both Krypton models offer premium quality thermal imaging. These devices cleverly transform any day scope into a thermal scope ideal for nighttime use. The thermal imaging scope attachment gives you the advantage of being able to see images even in complete darkness.

Lightweight & Durable Design

These devices are incredibly light thanks to their magnesium alloy body. You’ll notice the slight weight difference, but it won’t be enough to throw off your rifle’s balance. These Krypton models are built to last, repelling shock tension up to 6000 joules. They can even endure soaking in up to a meter of water, thanks to their IPX7 ratings.

Design & Packaging

Beautiful Packaging & Carry Case

Pulsar has gone the extra mile to ensure you receive your device in style and excellent condition. The box is beautifully designed, offering not just a sleek exterior but also a protective layer for your thermal imaging device. The carry case neatly contains your Krypton thermal image scope attachment, facilitating easy transportation and storage.

Magnesium Alloy Body

The magnesium alloy body is hardwearing and lightweight, making this attachment perfect for any shooting expedition. It ensures that even with the extra gadget on your rifle, you won’t feel weighed down.

Lens Cleaning Cloth & Data Transfer Cable Included

The providers thoughtfully include a lens cleaning cloth to maintain the best image output and a data transfer cable. Whether you want to share your nighttime adventures with friends or study your hunting patterns, transferring data from the device is made effortless.

Practicality & Versatility

Transforms Day Scope into Thermal Scope

Say goodbye to investing in a separate night scope. With Krypton FXG50 and XG50, you can instantly and effortlessly transform your day scope into a thermal scope. This means you can use your familiar day scope at night without any hitches.

Quick Attachment & Detachment

Attachment and detachment of the Krypton models are simple and swift with the use of the pulsar PSP adapter. This simplicity means you’ll be able to transition from day to nighttime shooting with ease.

Converts into a Thermal Monocular

Don’t want to use it as a scope attachment? No problem! Both models can be converted into a thermal monocular for spotting. This feature is especially valuable when you want to scan the environment without pointing your rifle around.

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Setting up the Pulsar Krypton

Effortless Setup with Pulsar PSP Adapter

Setting up your Krypton FXG50 or XG50 couldn’t be easier. With the Pulsar PSP adapter, your device attaches to any traditional day scope transforming it into a thermal configuration perfect for nighttime use.

No Loss of Zero or Change in Shooting Position

The beauty of attaching the Krypton is that it immovably aligns to your scope and doesn’t affect your zero or require any changes in your shooting position.

Reattach with Same Precision

Once it’s set up, the ingenious design allows you to detach and then reattach the Krypton with the same precision within seconds.

Impact on Rifle Configuration

Doesn’t Affect Rifle Set-up or Shooting Position

Adding a Krypton will not require you to change anything on your day scope or even your shooting position. This means you maintain your shooting routine seamlessly.

Reticle and Everything Else Feel Familiar

With Krypton, even the reticle feels familiar. Despite the added functionality of thermal vision, everything retains its familiarity, which allows for seamless transition and usage.

No Need for Separate Rig

The Krypton eliminates the need for a separate setup. You’ll save a significant amount of money and time by avoiding the purchase and setup of a separate night-shooting rig.

Impressive Performance & Durability

Water-resistant up to 1 Meter Depth

These thermal imagers are IPX7 rated, meaning they can survive a quick dunk in up to a meter of water.

Shock Resistant to 6,000 Joules

The device can endure shock up to 6000 joules, allowing it to absorb the recoil impact from the most powerful rifles.

Can Withstand Temperatures Between -25 and 50 degrees

The Krypton models can handle severe weather conditions, withstanding temperature ranges from -25 to 50 degrees. This makes them ideal for use in almost any climate.

Range & Image Quality

Optimized for Day Scopes with 1.5 to 6 Times Magnification

The Krypton is optimized for day scopes with a magnification range of 1.5 to 6 times, providing high-contrast thermal images that’ll make identifying targets a breeze.

White Hot and Black Hole Display Images

Through the eyepiece, you get white hot and black hole display images. These high-contrast images are non-fatiguing, making them super comfortable for prolonged observation.

Non-Fatiguing Comfort for Prolonged Observation

Because the menu through the eyepiece is circular, the controls remain in view even when zoomed in, which ensures non-fatiguing comfort for prolonged observation.

Superior Sensor & Viewfinder

The Biggest and Most Tightly Packed Sensor

The Krypton models boast the biggest, most densely packed sensor, which helps provide an impressive image quality.

Nearly a Million More Pixels Than Other Models

With nearly a million more pixels than other models in the range, the viewfinder provides images that you won’t fail to be amazed by.

Impressive Image Quality Through the Eyepiece

Whether viewed directly through the eyepiece or recorded with Stream Vision on the internal memory, the image quality is outstanding.

Advanced Features

Recordable Stream Vision on Internal Memory

You can record your observations directly to the internal memory using the Stream Vision feature. Share or review your encounters with ease.

Fast f 1.2 Lens

The Krypton models feature a fast f 1.2 lens, delivering sharp images with optimal contrast.

Detect Man-Sized Object 2,300 Meters Away

The Kryptons are able to detect a man-sized object from up to 2,300 meters away. This impressive detection range allows you to spot your target from a safe and comfortable distance.


High-Quality, Versatile & Cost-effective Solution for Night Shooting

Whether it’s the FXG50 or the XG50 model, the Pulsar Krypton presents a high-quality, versatile, and cost-effective solution for night shooting.

Maintaining Familiarity and Convenience of Day Scope

What sets the Krypton apart is its ability to maintain the familiarity and convenience of your day scope. It takes seconds to attach to your setup and transforms your day scope into a thermal night scope.

Easy Convertibility and High Performance Sets it Apart

With easy convertibility into a thermal monocular and high-performance thermal imaging, the Kryptons truly set themselves apart as valuable tools for any nighttime shooting enthusiast.

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